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Culture and Environment

The Codan group has a deeply embedded culture of innovation and commitment to quality, service and value. Built on Our Values, this culture is underpinned by effective leadership, high performance, continuous learning and improvement. We have preserved our Core Ideology for over 50 years, which shapes the Codan group’s way of doing things, and drives us towards our envisioned future. 

Our people are characterised by diversity in technical expertise, academic disciplines, age, cultural and religious background, sex and gender. We nurture a positive and inclusive work environment with demonstrated values of genuine honesty, integrity, respect and helpfulness. We seek to perform with the best interests of the Codan group in mind and celebrate our achievements.

We also take pride in using technology for the preservation of life, and restoration of infrastructure for war-torn countries. Our products are used by international aid and humanitarian organisations, law enforcement agencies, and emergency services. 

Our people share a commitment to the global community and environmental protection. We provide our employees with volunteer leave to encourage increased engagement and participation in the community. At Codan, we are engaged in sponsorship of community activities and initiatives such as Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea, Adelaide’s City to Bay Fun Run, etc. We take our social responsibility seriously and have made corporate responses to natural calamities through donations and practical support such as the Asia-Pacific Tsunami and Victorian Bushfires in Australia.

Employee Benefits

One of the Codan group’s key objectives is to provide safe, secure, challenging and rewarding employment. Our remuneration framework upholds the principles of fairness, equity, consistency, and integrity.

Some of the employment benefits we offer our people are:

  • Incentive Pay Scheme
    This is by annual invitation at the Company's prerogative and is not a standard term and condition of employment. The scheme provides an opportunity for people to increase their package through potential earnings.
  • Salary Packaging / Salary Sacrifice
    We have structured processes that allow people to maximise the value of their remuneration through salary packaging or salary sacrifice of allowable items as provided for by legislation. For example, in most countries that the Codan group operates in, the employee can make pre-tax contributions into their superannuation or pension plan.
  • Insurance Benefits
    We offer a variety of insurance benefits subject to the country's market and legal conditions.
  • Tertiary Education Assistance
    Eligible employees are able to apply for assistance to undertake or complete a tertiary education program. Education assistance may be provided in the form of study leave or subsidised course costs.
  • Flexible Work Arrangements
    Full-time, part-time, casual/contract, and job-sharing work options are available subject to business requirements.
  • Employee Assistance Program
    Employees are able to access a confidential and professional counselling program to discuss personal and/or work-related difficulties they may be facing.
  • Service Awards
    Employees celebrating years of service milestones are recognised with a certificate of recognition and monetary reward.


We aim to develop people and provide rewarding careers. All career opportunities are advertised internally. Where possible, we fill positions vacant with existing employees.

We are committed to equipping new and existing employees in their roles. We do this through our Corporate Induction Program, apprenticeships/traineeships program, access to internal and external training programs, and tertiary education assistance.

Employees are also empowered to pursue and achieve their potential. High performing and high potential employees with a cultural and strategic fit are identified and supported with the relevant development program. Opportunities to be involved with other parts of the business may also be available from time to time.

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